Dedicated servers at GigaPros

GigaPros are the best of its kind where you can enjoy the best ever features and services.  It was in the year 2008, when they started their services with true dedication and hard work of their expert team they have gained the top most position in entire industry. They provide great features for all of their virtual dedicated server’s plans. High quality premium services are what they want to deliver to their beloved customers who pay for them and they never want their client’s money to be wasted dedicated servers.   They have high standards of working and hence they have made it possible to survive in this market by defeating their competitors by providing better quality services as compared with the competitors.  They are known to deliver guaranteed services and hence when we hear their name we feel secured as never before and rather we would feel unsafe when we trust any other firm.   They use communication as a tool to keep in touch with you so that you will be informed about each and everything going on with your data servers. They also make you alert about any important news regarding your dedicated server.  They have provided various means for you to communicate with them and hence you can use Phone Calls, Helpdesk Tickets, Live Chat, Forums, Knowledge Base, & E-mails.   If you are not fully satisfied with their services within the first 30 days you can cancel the plan and get a full refund of your money. If you cancel it on 29th day too, its fine and they won’t take any objection. They are very flexible and hence you will surely like to work with them.

Some of the best feature which is available only at GigaPros is mentioned below:

  1. Secure log in
  2. Server administrator access
  3. Use FTP to bulk uploads multiple files
  4. No set up needed. Just start using
  5. Fully working Forex VPS
  6. Remote access mobile device ready
  7. 99.9 % server uptime guarantee
  8. Anytime money back guarantee
  9. Self managed
  10. Minimal latency to brokers
  11. Big storage space
  12. Unlimited traffic
  13. Static IP address for your Forex server

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