Q 1: How does the Ranking of Sites work?
– It works like this. You need to place the Voting Code (given while you Join) on your Website and let your Visitors click it. The Site with the most amount of Unique Hits in will be placed on top of this list.

Q 2: I lost my Voting Code, what can i do?
– To the left you will find a Link called User Control Panel, Enter your username and password. When you are logged in there is a link called link Code and there you will find Voting code.

Q 3: I lost my Password,what can i do?
– On the left Menu, click User Control panel,under the Login box you can see a Link called Forgot your Password? When you go to that link Write down your Username, your password will then be Emailed to the Adress you signed up with.
If the Login still fails contact me, i need your Username and the new password you want to have.